Founded on values that benefit all, SebaSTea prioritizes that health and sustainability of our nature in order to ensure a life of goodwill amongst the citizens of the world at large.
Ceylon tea not just leads in taste, it also leads the way in environmental stewardship. Ceylon tea is special because the small island makes a big difference by not using the ozone depleting pest control agent methyl bromide. Ceylon tea is the only tea in the world to receive the accolade of ozone free tea by the Montreal Protocol.
With nearly 7% of the population of the island involved in the tea industry, it is not just a job but a way of life for many Sri Lankans. The labor laws and collective agreements guarantee workers have housing and healthcare and Sri Lankan tea industry does not employ child labor. Go ahead, indulge and share a guilt free cup of Ceylon tea.
A lot of love goes into making every pack of Ceylon tea. Every morning an army of 1.5 million dedicated tea crafters get busy to ensure that you have the best tasting and freshest tea. For over 150 years generations of pluckers, processors, tasters and packers have been combining their expertise, experience and dedication to ensure the world gets a unique gift from Sri Lanka.