The "SebaSTea" team offers a diverse range of unique tea collections, each meticulously tasted and selected based on decades of experience in the tea industry. Most importantly, all the teas are marked by their genuine quality.

In any weather and any mood “SebaSTea” inspires, delights and surprises you, and its unique blends are impressive and remembered for long. Not surprisingly — only your imagination can be richer than the taste of SebaSTea!

“SebaSTea” is a tea brand that was established in 2010 by M.G.N.S. Fernando. The teas produced under this brand are specially packaged with the guidance of experts from CAMELLIA SCINENSIS (PRIVATE) LIMITED in Sri Lanka. So “SebaSTea” is the only exclusive tea brand which can be very proud about it’s legacy of quality .

The founder of "SebaSTea," M.G.N.S. Fernando, began his involvement in the tea market in the early 1990s. His extensive experience in the tea helped him create the brand "SebaSTea". The brand aims to provide consumers with the finest tea from Ceylon, carefully picked, packaged, and shipped directly from the origin.

SebaSTea collections
“SebaSTea” is a variety of teas with exquisite flavors that amaze even the most prejudiced tea connoisseurs. Grown, carefully plucked and packed in Ceylon, “SebaSTea” has absorbed the sun and freshness of the island.