The Logo is owned by the Sri Lanka Tea Board and globally trademarked. Lion Logo on your pack of tea is a gurantee for 100% Pure Ceylon Tea packed in Sri Lanka. To ensure what you buy is Ceylon Tea, look for the Lion Logo.
The Lion Logo is a special emblem associated with Ceylon Tea. It is a symbol that represents the authenticity and quality of tea produced in Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon. The Lion Logo serves as a mark of distinction, indicating that the tea has met strict standards set by the Sri Lanka Tea Board. To be eligible to bear the Lion Logo, the tea must be grown, manufactured, and packed entirely in Sri Lanka,
Founded on values that benefit all, SebaSTea prioritizes the health and sustainability of our nature in order to ensure a life of goodwill amongst the citizens of the world at large. adhering to specific guidelines to ensure its purity and origin. When you see the Lion Logo on a packet of Ceylon Tea, you can trust that you're getting a genuine product of exceptional quality.

Anybody who wishes to use the Lion Logo franchise should follow the following procedures.
Lion Logo application and guide lines should be collected from the Tea Tasting Unit.
According to the guide lines, the application should be duly completed and forward with the Lion Logo packs to the Tea Tasting Unit.
After evaluating the packs, within 3 working days, the applicant will be notify the position of this Application,if it is approved, you will be entitled to collect the certificate which is valid for three (3) years & processing fee now free of charge.
Under the same brand for additional packs or destinations there will be no charge but the Applicant should submit the packs and application as accordingly for evaluation prior to shipment.